From motorized fishing kayak to car-top boat

Progress is rapid at Wavewalk. The company that started offering motorized kayaks (for real, with outboard motors…) a few years ago, is stepping up innovation and performance with its new WAVEWALK 700 Series, which offers performance that’s hard to conceive, even for those who’ve been using a W500:



Furthermore, now you can steer these new, two-person car-top fishing boats with a joystick system that makes driving more fun, both seated and standing:



As for paddling, nothing could be easier, since the W700 tracks better than any kayak out there, and it’s more stable than any kayak… In fact, it’s as stable as a boat, as these two demo video shows:




So, if you’re into fishing solo or with a fishing buddy, and you don’t like boat trailers and boat ramps, this is the boat for you. And as a bonus, you can fish in shallow water and lily pads, since you don’t depend solely on the outboard motor to propel you.

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