Fishing Kayak, Motorized Kayak, or Portable Boat?

New York state offers a wide variety of fisheries, starting from the Atlantic ocean and the mighty Hudson river, to the huge Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, various big lakes such as the Finger lakes, Oneida lake and Lake Champlain, to countless smaller rivers, lakes, and ponds.

Fishing the smaller bodies of water doesn’t require more than a canoe or a kayak, if one can stand the instability, discomfort, and back pain associated with the latter. If such rudimentary vessels are beyond the angler’s threshold of tolerance, they can fish comfortably out of a Wavewalk 500 or a Wavewalk 700.  Kayaks from these two series easily lend themselves to motorizing, which makes them suitable for use as small fishing boats on bigger bodies of water, as well as on moving water.

The following playlist of videos shows various Wavewalk 500 kayak and 700 portable boat models outfitted with outboard gas motors ranging from 2 to 6 horsepower, driven in various water conditions including flat water, moving water, and choppy water at the beach, in the Atlantic ocean –


Some videos show the kayaks outfitted with inflatable detachable flotation, which adds secondary stability and flotation, and improves both performance and safety in choppy water, as well as offshore.