More Kayak Fishing Info

This section of our website is dedicated to suggestions for visiting additional sources of information related to kayak fishing.

Are you interested in motorized fishing kayaks?

Here’s a few suggestions for you:

Microskiff – Portable car-top motorboat for one person. It’s a W twin hull kayak outfitted with a small outboard gas engine.

Motorized Kayak Fishing – News and articles about fishing out of motorized fishing kayaks.

Motorized fishing kayak – A comprehensive article offering information and resources about motorizing fishing kayaks. All you wanted to know about rigging your kayak with an electric trolling motor or an outboard motor.

The New Wavewalk™ 700 Series

Looking for a two-person trailer-free fishing boat that you can easily paddle solo and car-top by yourself? You got it!

Do you fish in cold regions?

If you do, Northern Kayak Angler is an online magazine about kayak fishing in regions where the climate is cold, and doesn’t necessarily entice anglers to fish out of these small watercraft.


Middle Aged or Senior Angler?

Many middle aged and elderly anglers suffer from a sensitive back or some other disabilities that limit their ability to enjoy kayak fishing. Senior Kayak Angler is an online magazine for such people. It features articles and reviews specifically about problems such as back pain, impaired balance, leg numbness, artificial knees and so forth.


Kayak Design and Outfitting

Micronautical Designs – An online magazine about kayak design and outfitting, particularly fishing kayaks.

Kayak Fishing 101 – News and information for new kayak anglers looking to outfit their kayaks and rig them for fishing.


Children Kayak Fishing

Taking kids on a fishing trip can be a lot of fun. Youth Yaks is a magazine offering advice and information about kayaking and kayak fishing with kids.

Nature Coast Kayak Fishers Club – Florida

A comprehensive source of fishing-related information for those interested in fishing the Nature Coast in Florida, and Citrus County.